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DAIZA aka Danielle Thwaites, is a Los Angeles based producer, performer and songwriter. True to her moniker, (day-zuh) describes her sound as avant-pop; a mesmerizing trance of highly processed analog recordings, vocals and guitar, flowered with her hazy, synthetic sound design.

On the forefront of digital audio technologies on and off the stage, Daiza has positioned herself as a leading voice and one of too few women in audio. As a live show designer and programmer, her performances always incorporate new advances in music tech while keeping the integrity of the guitar and the human voice. 

Her style showcases an inherent balance between aggression and tenderness. Characterized by her strong, independent attitude combined with the fragile intensity of her emotions, her writing creates a unique and personal perspective that further compliments her sound design.

"Too Good" is her latest release with Zebulon Krol. Currently, Daiza is finishing her debut album for release later in 2022.

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